#8 Levan Charkviani street, Tbilisi, 0177
Monday-Friday 09:00-16:30

About Medical Centre

With its latest equipment and highly qualified staff, Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a healthcare facilitymeeting modern standards, which focuses on providing top quality service to its patients. Mardaleishvili Medical Centre cares for the health of its patients with its equipment and highly trained staff. The services our clinic offers include diagnostic tests, surgical and post-operative care services. Department of head and neck tumors, breast care, gynecological, abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, chemotherapy and cell therapy departments operate within the center. Diagnostic department also functions within Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, which has modern equipment and practically all types of diagnostic tests can be carried out here.

Best surgeons care for patients in operating rooms with latest-generation equipment. Post-operative care services further distinguish the clinic where friendly and well-trained medical staff constantly takes charge of fast recovery of the patients.

Genome Research and Diagnostic Center successfully functions within Mardaleishvili Medical Centre as well. The mentioned studies are widely used worldwide because they provide information on genetic mutations and predisposition of a person to various cancers. Point mutations and chromosomal aberrations accurately define the nature of cancers, provide prognosis for the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease and ensure making highly effective decisions in treatment process. This saves resources of patients and raises likelihood of successful treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Leading specialists in the country work for our center
We constantly promote development
We systematically update and elaborate our methods
We have a high-quality laboratory
Caring for patients is our daily routine
We are not lazy to inform patients on issues they find significant
We offer flexible payment system to our patients.